Orléans Art Studio Tour 2017 Is in the past! Saturday 10 June and Sunday 11 June Lucie,    Joyce    and    I    would    like    to    thank    everyone, estimated    225,    who    dropped    by    during    the    beautiful, although extremely hot weekend. The   take   down   is   done,   and   the   patching   and   painting   of the   walls   is   still   a   work   in   progress.      There   are   so   many delightful   summer   distractions   tempting   me   away   from the   job   site,   it   may   be   a   while   before   the   front   room   is back to “normal”. During    the    studio    tour,    a    number    of    visitors    asked whether   I   teach   my   watercolour   methods.      While   I   am   not currently   teaching,   if   anyone   is   interested   in   me   doing   so please        send        me        a        message        using        the “Comments/Questions”   form   at   the   bottom   of   this   page, and I will get in touch with you. Here   are   a   few   photos   of   our   setup   during   the   studio   tour 2017. Malcolm
About me
Born      and      raised      in      Ottawa,      Ontario,      I      grew      up      with      a      love      and      fascination     for      nature   and      the      great      outdoors.      Years      of      nature      photography      led      me      to     turn   my   creative      attention   to   the   visual      arts,      and   I   took   courses      in      drawing      at     the   Ottawa      School      of      Art   (OSA).      After      several      courses      in      different      media      at the   OSA      and   the   Visual      Art      Centre      Orléans      (VACO),      I   redirected   my   studies   to private instruction and  personal  experimentation.   I   work   in   a   variety   of   media,   primarily   watercolour,   acrylic   and   oil.   My   preferred     subjects      include      landscapes,      often      featuring      still      water      and   reflections,   old farm buildings and rural town settings as well as  still-lifes, especially bottles. My   paintings      can   be   found      in      private      collections      across      Canada,      the   USA,      the     UK      and      Europe.   I   have   participated      in   many      solo      and      group      exhibitions      in     various      locations      including      Galerie      Old      Chelsea,   VACO      Gallery,      Ottawa     Folklore      Centre,      Mouvement   d'implication      francophone   d'Orléans      (MIFO),      Wall     Space  Gallery,  Ristorante  Il  Primo, Old Stick Studios and the Shenkman Centre. I   am   a   member   of   the   Old   Stick   Studios   in   Canotek   Park,   Ottawa,   Ontario,   and have been with the Orléans Art Studio Tour since 2008.
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Malcolm Cowell Watercolour, acrylic, oil